Reliable, UK Hosted Virtual Cloud Servers

If you've outgrown your shared hosting package, have a web custom application, or want to host multiple websites, we have a virtual server that is just for you.

A range of Virtual Servers to suit every budget

Our Hyper-V cloud platform has been built from the ground-up to ensure total failover and redundancy, as well as providing blazing fast processing power. Running on Dell PowerEdge servers with a NetApp SAN, the platform is totally scalable enabling us to offer virtual servers to you at a low cost. This, backed with our 24/7 monitoring and UK based support team, we have the server to meet your requirements.


    A great little server to get you started

  • £10MONTHLY
  • 1 Virtual CPU
  • 512MB Guaranteed RAM
  • 30GB Hard Disk Space
  • 500GB Monthly Bandwidth
  • Windows / Linux


    For those of you who need that little more power

  • £30MONTHLY
  • 2 Virtual CPU
  • 2GB Guaranteed RAM
  • 150GB Hard Disk Space
  • 1TB Monthly Bandwidth
  • Windows / Linux


    Perfect for agencies who want to host client sites

  • £120MONTHLY
  • 8 Virtual CPUs
  • 16GB Guaranteed RAM
  • 500GB Hard Disk Space
  • 4.5TB Monthly Bandwidth
  • Windows / Linux

Virtual Servers that just work, built on an infrastructure built to last

  • 24/7 Monitoring

    With dedicated monitoring servers located outside of the Supahost network, we monitor the uptime and services running on your server, and inform you if anything isn't quite right.

  • No Long-Term Contract

    Our Virtual Servers are hosted on a month by month basis, meaning you can cancel whenever you want without any disconnection charges. Just let us know when you want to cancel, and we'll do the rest.

  • 99.5% SLA Guarantee

    All our Virtual Servers are backed by our 99.5% SLA Guarantee. In the unlikley event your server is unavailable due to a power, network or hardware failure, we will credit your account.

  • Hardware

    Running on Dell PowerEdge servers running Microsoft Hyper-V, the Supahost cloud platform can offer high performance to the virtual servers we host with reduced overheads.

  • Performance

    The servers which run our Virtual Server cloud are Dell PowerEdge servers running Dual Intel Xeon 8-Core E7-8837 CPUs running at 2.66Ghz with 256GB RAM (32x 8GB Quad RANK LV RDIMMs @ 1066MHz).

  • No Over-Selling

    We never over-sell our virtual servers, meaning that you are guaranteed the RAM, Processing Power and Disk Space you have specified at all times, and are not fighting with other users.

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